SNAXPO Sponsors Honored at Reception

March 20, 2012

The many companies who sponsored events and activities connected with SNAXPO 2012 were honored at a special reception Monday evening prior to the 75th Anniversary Reception and Banquet. Sponsoring companies were:

Keynote Speaker Mike Huckabee -- Bryce Corporation

Welcome to Phoenix' Opening Party -- Evans Food Group Ltd., Heat and Control/Ishida Co. Ltd., Masipack North America LLC

Installation of Officers Ceremony -- Packaging Products Corporation

State of the Industry Presentation -- ADM Edible Bean Specialties, Packaging Products Corporation, United States Potato Board

St. Patrick's Day Reception -- AET Inc., Rudolph Foods Company, Inc.

Exhibit Hall Lunch & Refreshments -- Baptista's Bakery, Commercial Creamery, Kerry Ingredients and Flavors, Land O'Lakes Ingredient Solutions, Plastic Packaging Technologies, Reading Bakery Systems, Savor Seasons, United Soybean Board

Continental Breakfast -- Saturday -- C-P Flexible Packaging

Continental Breakfast -- Monday -- Printpack Inc.

Acrylamide Educational Session -- DSM Food Specialties USA, Inc.

Centerpieces for Saturday General Session -- Better Made Snack Foods, Overwraps Packaging Inc.

Centerpieces for Sunday General Session -- AmTopp/Vifan

Centerpieces for Monday General Session -- Kerry Ingredients and Flavors

Registration List Advertisement -- Fuchs North America

Registration Area Refreshments -- Carolina Ingredients, Land O'Lakes Ingredient Solutions, Wise Foods, Inc.

Program Book Advertisement -- Casa Herrera, Inc, Kliklok Woodman

Pocket Schedule -- ADM Edible Bean Solutions

Latin American Track -- A.C. Horn & Company, Evans Food Group Ltd.

Lanyards -- BluePrint Automation

Jump Drivers for All Attendees -- J.R. Short

Internet Cafe -- Land O'Lakes Ingredient Solutions, Life Spice Ingredients

75th Anniversary Support -- Agricor, Inc., Better Made Snack Foods, Black Gold Potato Company, C. Cretors & Company, Elite Spice, Frito-Lay, Inc., Golden Flack Snack Foods, Inc., Herr Foods Inc., Inventure Foods, Michigan Potato Industry Commission, Old Dutch Foods, Inc., PPM Technologies, Pretzels Incorporated, Procter & Gamble, R&G Potato Company, Inc., Shearer's Foods, Inc., Snak King Corporation, Snyder's-Lance, Inc., Steinbaecher Associates, tna north america, inc., Utz Quality Foods, Inc., Wyandot, Inc.

SNAXPO.COM Website Advertisement -- Bruker Optics, Carolina Ingredients, Elite Spice, MasiPack North America LLC, Quality Fabrication & Design, SK Food International, Symrise, tna north america.

SFA wishes to thank all of these sponsors for their support and commitment to the snack food industry!